Our Purpose & How We Live


First Baptist Church of Midland, Michigan: Where every person matters and relationships with God and neighbors grow.


We are learning to live the life that Jesus would live if Jesus were living our life through:

  • Meaningful worship and study
  • Valuing and loving others through service
  • Embracing God's created diversity
  • Intentional connections to our community
  • Caring for one another through all of life


Our Personal Relationship with God (Soul Freedom)…This direct personal relationship with God is the privilege and responsibility that each and every one of us has. We have both the ability and the necessity to enter into a direct saving relationship with God through Christ. We may be different in our relationships with God, so we need to recognize and honor these differences.

Everyone a Minister…God has given each member, of the body of Christ, a gift and calling which is given so that we can build up the body and partner with Him in fulfilling His mission to the world. There are many kinds of ministry; all are important.

Scripture as Truth…Scripture is the story of God’s revelation of Himself to humankind and His plan for the redemption of the world. We are called both as individuals and as the Church to read, interpret, discern, & follow this truth.

Separation of Church and State…The state cannot dictate to the Church on matters of belief. The state must allow people of faith the freedom to pursue their theology and politics.

Local Autonomy of the Church…Each church is free to govern itself. It must be free from outside authority. Each church is free to partner with others with the belief we can do more together than alone.

Ordinances…The Believer’s Baptism and The Lord’s Supper are two “ordinances” that we believe we have received from Jesus.
Stewardship…We are in a partnership with God, entrusted with the responsibility of caring for His creation. We dedicate all that we are and all that we have to His service.

Education…God made us all learners. The more we know about His word & His world the better we will be. Our conviction is that people of faith must be Biblically literate and theologically grounded.

Missions…Jesus said, ‘As you do to one of least of these, you do it to me.’ This means we are to be sensitive to and responsive to the needs that exist in our neighborhoods as well as around the world.

Prayer…Jesus prayed often and taught us how to pray with the Lord’s Prayer. Prayer is our opportunity to grow closer to God. We nurture our relationship with God by spending time in His presence.

Worship and Music…Worship is the celebration of God’s gift of life. This provides us with the opportunity to return praise and thanksgiving to the source of our creation. We embrace a blended approach to this creative expression believing different styles of music speak to different needs in the hearts of God’s people.

Christ-Centered Caring...Our faith in Jesus Christ is at the heart of our identity. Christ calls us to care for each other. This leads to our strong relational identity.

A Church for All…We welcome people of all cultures and racial situations, backgrounds, and beliefs. It is our belief that, as a church, we are our best when we practice “unity without uniformity.” We know that this means we do not and will not always agree on things (Like: theology, same gender marriage, Scriptural interpretation, politics, how to do church, or numerous other things.)  Even with our many differences, we value remaining in relationship and worshiping with one another.

Church Covenant

The Covenant of First Baptist Church
Midland, Michigan

Having been led by the Spirit of God to place our trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we solemnly and joyfully covenant with God and with each other as a fellowship of faith.

Believing that God has revealed the truth of life in Christ, we will seek to grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord through Bible reading, prayer, worship and obedience.

Believing that the local church serves the cause of Christ on earth, we will give it our financial support and service with gratitude.  Striving to live together in Christian love, we will pray for each other, share each other’s joys, and help one another in sickness and distress.

Believing that God has called us to witness to his saving power and love, we will try to bring our personal, family, and community relationships under the Lordship of Christ.  We will also aid in proclaiming the gospel to the whole world and work for justice, freedom, dignity, and peace.

And now, our Father, we acknowledge our weaknesses and profess our need of you.  We thank you for the contributions of others to our lives.  Make us aware of the effects our lives have on others.  Help us to be instruments of your peace.  Fill us with joy in our faith and with hope for the coming of your kingdom.  Amen.