Church Leadership

Team Network

Team Network is responsible to the congregation, and seeks God's direction for administering the Church Program, strategic planning and visioning, oversight of staff, balancing the power of the lead Pastor and team leadership.

Team Network is the Administrative team of First Baptist Church. Team Network is comprised of the Pastor and Team Chairpersons that are voted in by the congregation. 

Team Network positions:

      Christian Education Team Chair: Louise Bergman
      Church Clerk (Secretary/Vice President): Barb Neil
      Congregational Team Representative: Dena Moore
      Leadership & Development Team Chair-Moderator (President): Dave Pellegrom
      Mission & Ministry Team Chair: Unfilled Position
      Moderator Pro-Tem: Angela Bushell
      Praise & Worship Team Representative: Unfilled Position
      Property Management Team Chair: Lois Crosby
      Stewardship & Finance Team Chair: Bobbie Baker  

Christian Education Team

Our Mission Statement:  “We strive to make disciples of Christ, at every stage of life, through intentional spiritual growth opportunities.”

Our Christian Education Team meets, when necessary, to determine what educational programs will be offered and when. Various Bible Studies, Life Groups, Sunday School Classes, and Youth Activities are scheduled by this team.

2021-22 Christian Education Team Members:
Louise Bergman (Chair), David Hitchcock, Debbie Hitt, Mark Neil, Andrea Snoddy, Trevor Snoddy

Congregational Care Team & Prayer Chain

The Congregational Care Team works to keep our church family "connected" and cared for.

2022 Congregational Team Members:
Bunny Mitchell, Dena Moore, Jo Clarke, Jenn Hitchcock, Pat McCourt, Preston Streeter, Marcia Williams

Leadership & Development Team

The LDT has responsibility to organize and aid in the development and support of employees, of individuals in leadership roles and of teams serving in various capacities.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Pastoral Relations: support, training and development, evaluation, and acting as  a conduit for congregational feedback.
  • A confidential safe place for two-way sharing of issues and concerns for resolution for the benefit of Pastor, LDT, and Congregation.
  • Lay leadership development and training.Recruiting and preparing a slate of officers and other leadership positions for election by the congregation.
  • Working with Ministry Team Leaders to identify volunteers for team ministries.
  • Oversight of the Personnel Committee.
  • Appointing members of Standing Committees.

    2021-22 Leadership & Development Team Members:
    Barb Neil (chair), Linda Atiemo-Obeng, Karen Boucher, Lara Escoffre, Dena Moore, Kathy Pellegrom

    Mission & Ministry Team

    Our Mission Statement: The purpose of the Missions Team is to create awareness, development and promotion of ministry events and opportunities, particularly as they affect the outreach ministry of the church.

    2021-22 Mission & Ministry Team Members:
    Victor Atiemo-Obeng, Lara Escoffre, Janice Wallace

    Praise & Worship Team

    Our Praise & Worship Team is comprised or......

    2021-22 Praise & Worship Team Members:
    Lara Escoffre, Ellason Barden, Scott Lippoldt, Andy Neil, Lauren Neil, Mark Neil, Karen Walker-Freeburg

    Property Management Team

    Our Mission Statement:  We promise to do the best at whatever we do at the lowest appropriate price.

    Our devoted team meets on the first Tuesday of each month to review the needs of the church building and plan solutions.

    2021-22 Property Management Team Members:
    Lois Crosby (chair), Laurent Escoffre, Keith Freeburg, David Hitchcock, Dave Jezowski, Shelley Page, Rhonda Vance, Jake Wang, Bruce Woodcraft, Bob Winchester

    Stewardship & Finance Team

    Stewardship & Finance is responsible for conscientious oversight of the church’s fiscal activities.

    Our devoted team meets regularly to review the needs of the church building and plan solutions.

    2021-22 Stewardship & Finance Team Members:
    Bobbie Baker (Chair), Roger Bergman (Treasurer), Jim Hitt (Special Funds Treasurer), Chuck McCourt (Financial Secretary), Harry Steib